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PC Alliance has been in business since 1996 serving Southwest Missouri's computer technology needs as a total solutions provider. With a customer base extending from Government, Law Enforcement, Businesses, Home Users etc. Our goal and focus has always been on customer satisfaction and providing the best economical solutions for our customers.

We have extensive experience in all the major state contracts in Missouri including M.U.L.E.S. (Law Enforcement), O.S.C.A. (State Courts), E.M.I.N.T.S. (Public Schools) and many others. PC Alliance offers a wide variety of computer systems, network products and services, as well as product sales, PC/LAN/WAN installation, service and consulting. Through the years, PC Alliance has grown tremendously, yet continues to serve it's clients with cost competitive technology solutions and excellent long-term service and support

Network/Internet Security

PC Alliance has a strong focus on Network/Internet security. With the advent of consumer priced broadband Internet, securing your computer/network has become of primary importance. Systems that are not secure can experience virus and spyware/adware/malware infections as well as suceptibility to hackers and other threats. If you would like to know more or have a potential or existing security issue with you PC or network, contact us. We also specialize in securing wireless networks. PC Alliance strongly recommends using technologies such as WEP and MAC Filtering to lock down your wireless network. If these technologies and others are not implemented, your wireless network is an easy target for would-be hackers.

We specialized in designing and implementing networks from the ground up

We design and implement all kinds of networks. The network type and design is always based on the customer's needed application the network. Wired networks are usually preferable. Category 5 (100 Mbps), category 5e (up to 1000 Mbps) and category 6 (1000 Mbps) cable can run as long as 328 feet depending on the conditions and environment. This satisfies most needs. Fiber cable can run 1000 feet and is impervious to most of the limitations of environment. Wireless can run as long as desired, depending on the cap on your spending limit. Wireless access points can get connectivity up to 900 feet, depending on the limitations of the building (type of walls, radio interference..etc) weather and various other factors. Secure distributed wireless networks (a network of wireless access points) can easily cover large areas, such as college campuses, apartment complexes and large factories or even larger if needed.. A network of microwave dishes can connect a network over vast distances (such as city-wide coverage). PC Alliance works with all of these technologies to provide the best solution for our customers' needs. We also provide plenum ceiling wired solutions for govenment and other organizations.

Virus and spyware removal services

We take viruses and spyware threats very seriously. We've seen these threats completely incapacitate networks before. We offer hardware and software solutions to remove these problems and help prevent them from ever getting on your PC/network again.

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