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December 2004 - PC Alliance Announces Partnership with U.S. AVG Antivirus Distributor, Walling Data Systems

We at PC Alliance are well aware of all the computer viruses and worms that are circulating the Internet today. Many of the newest viruses are not even malicious but simply designed to pull in advertising pop up windows, web pages and spyware/adware. Many are even designed to display porn pop up windows whenever you are logged into the Internet.

The best way to get rid of a virus is to prevent it's ability to get a hold of your computer system in the first place. That's where a good Anti-Virus program comes in. PC Alliance strongly recommends AVG Anti-Virus software. We've seen too many of the other big name Anti-Virus programs fail when they are needed most. For this reason, PC Alliance is announcing a new partnership with Walling Data Systems to provide the finest Anti-Virus software available. If you're a home user, you can download a free single license version of AVG for free at www.grisoft.com for personal use. For all other uses such as government, schools, businesses and not-for-profit organizations, you can purchase AVG direct from us. AVG is significantly less expensive than many of its competitors. All pricing for every edition of AVG can be found at www.grisoft.com. AVG versions can accomodate every need, including Personal Edition, Network Edition, E-Mail Server Edition (both Microsoft and Linux versions available), File Server Edition and SoHo Edition.


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